There are five things we can probably agree on right now, while you are reading this:

God wants a better relationship with you, but you have to begin believing He really loves you first;

you are longing to “fit in” a community, with people who care, as in real life people you can live life with on a consistent basis;

there are things you know deep down that God has called you to do with your life, but you haven’t fully given yourself permission to pursue them;

you have a warrior side of you just beneath the surface, waiting to come out fighting to change the world in your own unique way;

you already have plenty of “realistic” influences in your life! Your friends, family and community who think they know what’s best for you, but in reality they think everyone should “play it safe”.

I am here to be the unrealistic influence in your life.

Everyone tells you to “play it safe.” I am here to encourage you to run with your dreams and passionately pursue Jesus with everything you have got. I help you to set your focus on Jesus, your passion on God’s presence, and experience His miraculous power!

I would love for you to join me each week as we pursue God together.

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