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Brandi helps your audience believe God for the impossible, experience breakthrough in their lives, and begin to see miracles manifest everywhere they go.

Interested in having Brandi minister at your next conference, retreat, Sunday morning service or great-grandma’s Bible study?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most requested topics for Brandi to speak on?
Brandi usually speaks on miracles, faith, breakthrough, living as a fully devoted follower of Jesus, and issues related to leadership development.

What does Brandi need when she ministers?
Brandi’s requirements are simple – some bottled water and a stand for her Bible. No smoke effects. No elephants. No little men in tight shorts.

Who has Brandi shared a stage with?
Brandi has shared the stage with Patricia King, James W. Goll, Dr. Clarice Fluitt, Mahesh Chavda, Jane Hamon, Bob and Bonnie Jones, Joan Hunter, Tony Kemp, Jamie Lyn Wallnau, Matt Sorger and a host of others.

How much will it cost to bring Brandi in to minister?
Brandi lives by faith and ministers where the Holy Spirit leads her to go. We do ask for travel expenses to be covered and some type of honorarium or offering to be received.

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