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I’d love to help your audience experience the miraculous power of God’s presence.

Every ministry event I attend revolves around three goals – getting everyone in attendance to experience God personally during the time, teaching how to stretch your faith for the impossible, and how to walk in the power of God.

Interested in having me minister at your next conference? A Sunday morning service? Your great-grandma’s Bible study?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you professional enough, you look young?
Yes, and thank you.

Is your teaching based on the Bible?
I am a good Baptist girl at heart and keep everything based on Scripture.

Are you high maintenance?
My requirements are simple – some bottled water and a stand for my Bible. No smoke effects. No elephants. No little men in tight shorts.

Okay, but how much does it cost?
I live by faith so I ask for the travel expenses to be covered and some type of honorarium or offering.f

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