Who are you pleasing?

Saul lived to please people. David lived to please God. Who are you living to please? When God is calling you to do something new or different – you will have to make a choice to follow God despite the desires of other people or what might be …

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Pentecost is on the Way

Breakthrough is here! You are getting ready to see a manifestation of the glory of God in a way you have never dreamed or imagined. Pentecost is quickly approaching, and you are going to receive a literal outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Jesus came and paid a price so that …

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You can go deeper with God!

Are you excited about what God is doing in your life? Do you feel the excitement of the transformation happening to you, your family, and your circumstances? The fastest way to see the revelation and transformation reach manifestation is through deepening your relationship with Jesus. I am the …

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