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It’s Time for Your Miracle

Activating Faith to Receive God’s Promises

God wants you to experience the miraculous! Regardless of your struggle, God is willing and able to heal your body, supply your needs, and restore your relationships.

This book illuminates the common roadblocks that keep you from receiving the totality of God’s promises. Written in practical and to-the-point style, and filled with real-life testimonies from those who experienced God’s power, you will come away with everything you need to believe for the manifestation of your miracle.

It's Time for Your Miracle

What you will learn from this book?

It’s Time for Your Miracle provides you the keys to:

Access physical healing and freedom from addiction.

Break through into financial provision.

Encounter the reality of everything Jesus paid for on the cross.

And give you practical ways to unlock true transformation in your life.

About the author

Brandi Belt

Brandi Belt is a highly respected Christian leader, speaker, minister, and author known for her dynamic presence and powerful messages. She has a proven track record of bringing God’s miracles to people around the world, from healing physical ailments to creating financial abundance and even reviving the dead. Her ministry has taken her from television shows to boardrooms to stages globally, where she has impacted tens of thousands of people.

Brandi’s unwavering faith and commitment to serve others are evident in her life and work. She and her husband, John, have established Overflow Global Ministries and reside in Oklahoma City with their two sons. Through her teachings, speaking engagements, and mission work, Brandi continues to spread love, compassion, and hope to people of all backgrounds and cultures.

Brandi Belt

What people are saying…

Brandi Belt is authentic, pure, humble, and full of faith, love, virtue, and integrity. I love Brandi and am proud of her. Her book, It’s Time for Your Miracle, will position you for your miracle from the Lord – perhaps even before you finish the book, you will have your breakthrough. This book, written with beautiful clarity of truth, is sure to build your faith and put hope in your heart.
Patricia King
Entrepreneur, Prolific Author and Television Host

It’s Time for Your Miracle is jam-packed with distinguishing marks and perpetual promise. The distinguishing mark of the author of this book is that everything in it projects her life and ministry. She finds her way into your heart through the cadence and rhythm of the simplicity of her message. It is uniform in its presentation that carries you step-by-step into the world of miracles that has become part and parcel of who Brandi Belt is, and how you can attain what she has experienced and desires to share. She says it beautifully in her own words, “Whatever your situation, if you’re waiting for a miracle, I have good news! I’ve witnessed God turn around seemingly impossible situations with His miraculous power. Now, it’s your turn.”

NOW, it’s your turn. Set the bar of your expectations high and let It’s Time for Your Miracle guide you into the inner sanctum and inherent nature of all that God has and wants for you. Brandi’s book is designed with you in mind regardless of your station in life, your position and authority, your makeup and nature. She has found within herself the passion to impart the foundational principles of miracles in pursuit of those who are waiting, standing their ground, and setting their faces like flint. You are among those with the core conviction that the very thing you have been looking for, the steps to make what Brandi has experienced your own, not only possible, but time-sensitive because, “NOW, it’s your turn!”
Dr. Clarice Fluitt
Personal Advisor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Television Personality, Founder of Clarice Fluitt Ministries and
Clarice Fluitt Enterprises, LLC

I like this book and I love its author, Brandi Belt. Her book, Its Time for Your Miracle, couldn’t be more timely or appropriate in a world being hit by one pandemic, disaster or social problem after another. The people of God desperately need to know how to cooperate with God to engage the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit to heal, deliver and transform their world today. It is long past the time to talk about the miraculous. We need to walk in it on a daily basis. I suggest you read this book and begin to engage the Holy Spirit to change your life and your world now.
Joan Hunter
Evangelist, Host of Miracles Happen TV Show, and Founder of Joan Hunter Ministries

These pages are filled with words that Brandi Belt lives each day and has seen with her own eyes. We are moving into days where signs, wonders and miracles are necessary to bring in the harvest! After all, the harvest is huge and Brandi is just calling forth the laborers right now. The question is, are you willing to walk in the brave call that is upon your life? It’s Time for Your Miracle and the revelations Brandi shares throughout this book are sure to awaken you to your miracle right now.
Jamie Lyn Wallnau
Author, Host of The Next America Show, Host of Set Apart Women and Founder of Set Apart Ministries

Brandi Belt is a champion in pursuing and stirring up your faith to go after your miracle! Brandi brings out the hidden truths of how God’s heart is for you to receive your breakthrough! He wants you healed, whole and experiencing the miraculous! Brandi clearly lays out how faith is the heavenly currency and brings what we hope and want into the here and now. This book will challenge you to know in your heart what you want your faith to produce, it will increase your expectations and help you to throw away the lens of disappointment. If you want to walk in the miraculous this book is for you!
Carol Koch
Founder of Children on the Frontlines and Co-Founder of Koch Ministries

If ever there was someone qualified to write on the subject of miracles, it’s Brandi Belt. I’ve had the privilege of watching Brandi over the years live out these principles that she so practically and tangibly lays out for the reader. Not only does this book take you through an incredible journey of putting your faith into action, this book will bring breakthrough to areas where you feel you have been stuck in your faith and desperately wanting to see God do the miraculous through you. Miracles truly are for today and Brandi shows you firsthand how to live that supernatural lifestyle that all believers are called to live. 
Heather Williams