The Miracles in Mark

4-Week Course
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Are you ready for the compassionate heart of God to compel you to act on His behalf and see miracles in your midst?

Jesus was a catalyst for supernatural breakthrough everywhere He went and you are called to live the same way. 

In The Miracles in Mark, Brandi Belt offers actionable, biblically based insights on how you can partner with God to see supernatural breakthrough everywhere you go.

The book of Mark is known for action because the focus is on the miraculous works Jesus did more than the words He spoke.

The Bible is full of men and women who God used to see supernatural breakthrough on the earth. Let their example encourage you to see the power of God manifest in your life.

Lesson Breakdown

Mark Chapters 1 to 4

Mark Chapters 5 to 8

Mark Chapters 9 to 12

Mark Chapters 13-16

What’s Included

Video Teaching

Each week you will receive a recorded video lesson lasting roughly thirty minutes.

Notes & Activities

Each week you will receive a notes and suggested activation activities with the video teaching.

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