Host Summer of Miracles

As a ministry – we believe in relationship. We want to partner with you to see the miraculous power of God’s presence established in your life, ministry, and region. We are committed to the growth of your ministry and it is an honor to serve with you.

Host Commitment

→ No upfront financial commitment is required.
→ You will pray for the event – before and after.
→ You will provide a facility for the event. (We have held meetings in churches, hotels, houses, outdoors, and everything in between.)
→ You will provide at least 2 volunteers during the event to help with a resource table, act as ushers, and other event needs.
→ You will promote the event throughout your relationship network.

Our Commitment

→ We will pray for the event – before and after.
→ We will cover our travel costs and accommodation expenses.
→ We will provide the worship leader.
→ We will promote the event through social media and email.
→ We will receive an offering directly to Overflow as the Holy Spirit leads.

Together – we will see God’s power transform lives and leave a lasting impact in your area.

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