Equipped in the Miraculous

6-Week Course
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In Equipped in the Miraculous, Brandi Belt offers practical, biblically based insights on how you can partner with the Holy Spirit and turn the world around you upside down.

God’s power is not just for pastors, prophets, or well-known healing evangelists. All followers of Christ can walk in the anointing for miracles!

Over 6-weeks, you will hear testimonies to stir your faith in God’s Word that will set the stage for miracles in your life.

After seeing the dead raised, the blind see, the deaf hear, and countless other miracles – Brandi has watched God turn around impossible situations with His miraculous power.

Now it’s your turn!

Lesson Breakdown

Miracle Ministry of Jesus

Empowerment of the Believer

Building Miraculous Faith

Manifestation of Your Miracle

Sharing the Miraculous with Others

Dreaming the Impossible with God

What’s Included

Video Teaching

Each week you will receive a recorded video lesson lasting roughly thirty minutes.

Notes & Activities

Each week you will receive a notes and suggested activation activities with the video teaching.

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