Are you hungry for more of God?

You are living in such an amazing time in history – the Body of Christ (that’s you!) is entering Her finest hour! God has been speaking to us about is the importance of authentic, community-based discipleship. So often people have a conversion experience but never receive discipleship to mature into …

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The Love of God

God loves you unconditionally and beyond what you can imagine. Consistently throughout the Bible God teaches His love is perfect, inspiring, forgiving, enduring, faithful and so much more. The following scriptures are followed by declarations you can decree over your own life. Know therefore that the Lord your God is God, the faithful …

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When the Grace Lifts

What do you do when the grace lifts for the old thing? Join Brandi Belt as she shares how to shift with God.

Expounding on Faith

God wants you overflowing in faith. Join Brandi Belt to learn how to press in for more faith in Jesus.

Shift Your Atmosphere

How are you holding up? Have you been able to focus on Jesus over the last few days or has the negativity of the hour weighed you down? God wants you to experience deeper intimacy with Him in this season. You aren’t called to survive the chaos of our time …

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Your time to shine!

You have the amazing privilege of being alive during this time in history. The Body of Christ is entering Her finest hour and we should expect the glory of God to manifest beyond what we can imagine. You have nothing to fear – God is in control. Do not fear, …

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